For those that would like to up skill their IT knowledge 10clicksahead is offering a variety of courses. Included in these is Strata IT Fundamentals.

Strata IT Fundamentals:

For those not in the know, Strata certification ensures you are au-fait with the workings of the PC, functionality of the PC, compatibility as well as all relevant technological topics.

Some of the areas covered by Strata IT Fundamentals are listed here:

  • Issue prevention and maintenance of PC’s.
  • Avoidance of safety risks.
  • The functions and installation of software.
  • Issues regarding PC compatibility as well as correction of common mistakes.
  • Basics regarding technology and computer hardware.

Our courses are specifically designed for students that are interested in embarking on an IT career, or those individuals wanting to change their career direction.

For companies that require more in-depth knowledge our courses have been designed as and when you require advanced IT certification by brushing up on your IT skills through our professional Strata IT Fundamental training at 10clicksahead.