For those individuals that need to adhere to a fundamental understanding of workflow in a laboratory or clinic setting, as well as adhering to strict code of policies, and conduct as well as best practices within the healthcare system, we offer the CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certification necessary for this field of expertise.

At 10clicksahead we cover a plethora of essentials for candidates who need to work in the healthcare industry – this is why we offer the Comp TIA Healthcare Technician Certification to individuals and businesses to become compliant.

The CompTIA Healthcare Technician Exam covers:

  • South African regulatory requirements in the healthcare environment.
  • All IT operations.
  • Safety in the healthcare environment.
  • Operations in medical fields.
  • Organisational behaviour.

It is important that those taking the exam have a fundamental knowledge of workflow practice; furthermore all candidates should have already passed the CompTIA A+ examinations or has sufficient IT experience in the laboratory or medical and/or clinical fields.

For more on the CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certification contact us today to find out how you can become compliant.

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