has created the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner course, otherwise known as CASP, so that IT professionals are well-versed in advanced-level security skills and data.

Not only will IT experts be well-equipped with information to design, conceptualise and engineer secure resolutions across the board, but this in-depth course also involves applying judgement and comprehensive thinking regarding a variety of security disciplines for solutions while managing risk.

Why you and your company should choose 10clicksahead for your CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner training:

  • We show you how to implement state-of-the-art technical knowledge combined with a hands-on focus to enable professionals to function on these advanced levels.
  • CASP programmes are all ANSI accredited courses.

It is imperative for all CompTIA programmes to be kept current; at 10clicksahead we are well-versed enabling you to be on top of your game at all times.

It is no secret that CASP is one of the best and most advanced IT certifications globally; this is unquestionably a foot in the door for your first job, and could enhance the lives of many IT professionals.

If you are looking at furthering your career or would like to up-skill your IT knowledge, our CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner course will most certainly not disappoint. Call us today to find out more information how you, too, can better your IT knowledge.