If you are considering making use of our professional CompTIA Project+ certification you will be pleased to learn that large corporates such as Ricoh and Dell recognize this IT qualification.

Why you should select Tenclicksahead for your CompTIA Project + certification:

  • The certification is recognized by big players the likes of Alltel, Dell, Ricoh, CDW amongst others.
  • We offer all our IT courses as and when you please.
  • The course is vendor-neutral.

What would you use the CompTIA Project + certification for – in other words – what careers can you pursue once you have obtained this certification?

  • You can apply for a position as a business analyst.
  • You be able to successfully become a project team member.
  • It is advisable that project managers receive this qualification.

Important information re the CompTIA Project + course and certification:

  • Perhaps the biggest advantage regarding the CompTIA Project + certification is that the course covers the total sequence of events, which includes the initial planning stages of a project right through to the finale and maintenance.
  • The certification ensures that managers as well as team players are well-versed in all project-management skills to assist with the completion of projects well within the necessary time-frame and within budget.

The best part about our CompTIA Project + certification is that no basics are required plus it is not obligatory for applicants to submit any applications. It is, however, important for applicants to have one year of managing, directing or participating in small to medium-sized projects.