Individuals, once the CompTIA IT for Sales has been accomplished, have the ability to connect with consumers on a professional level through expert communiqué skills.

It is important to qualify the kind of tech user whilst offering solutions which are based purely on the client’s unique requirements; the idea is to coordinate tech staff throughout the sales process.

Why you should use 10clicksahead for your CompTIA IT for Sales Certification:

  • All our CompTIA certificates are offered as and when our clients need these to be executed.
  • For those individuals who would like to enhance their skills and knowledge regarding IT compatibility and software compliance issues, as well as all computer hardware fundamentals together with anticipatory maintenance, the certification will cover all these and other issues.
  • If you have failed the test first time round, there is no waiting period between retaking the examination.
  • The exam requires a score of 70%, is sixty minutes long and consists of 70 multiple choice questions.

If you are keen to become a CompTIA IT for Sales Professional and would love to make a career in IT for Sales, contact us to find out how you can learn how to manage technology as well as computer hardware basics, compatibility issues as well as software compliance along with Green IT together with preventative maintenance incorporating sales and communication skills.