It is important to find solutions and answers to becoming eco-friendly and discover ways to become green in your business environment.

This is how 10clicksahead will assist in reducing power usage through our professional CompTIA Green IT Certification:

  • We teach you how to implement knowledge and how to have the skills to incorporate environmentally-sound techniques within your IT infrastructure.
  • Any previous CompTIA Certification will be enhanced by becoming CompTIA Green compliant.
  • If you and your company are keen to go green, we will show you how through this in-depth certification.
  • All our certificates and courses are held as and when our clients and customers want this to take place.

What is involved when candidates qualify for the Green IT Certification?

  • The certification will cover any particular areas that are essential to measure and incorporate green IT programmes and investments.
  • You will be well-versed in all methods of using, deploying and developing IT whilst calculating true ROI for green IT schemes.
  • Through the Comp TIA Green IT Certification you will learn how to become conscious of global standards and regulations.

The CompTIA Certifications for Green IT certification has been specifically designed for IT professionals in mind that have power over the IT infrastructure of a business.

For more about Green IT Certification, contact us to find out how you and your company can make a difference on the world around you.