For those individuals that are keen on getting a heads-up on Cloud Computing but are not sure where to begin, at 10clikcsahead we have designed courses and certification to ensure all entrepreneurs, individuals and  companies are kept up to speed regarding the latest and most advanced computing.

The CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification will ensure that all candidates are well-versed in cloud computing whether this is from a more advanced technical point of view or for business reasons.

Why choose 10clicksahead for your CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification and what exactly will the test cover?

This is what the CompTIA Cloud Essentials candidates will be tested on:

  • The value of Cloud Computing within the business world.
  • All features of Cloud Services from an entrepreneurial viewpoint.
  • Different types of Cloud Computing.
  • A technical perspective of Cloud Computing.
  • The stages to successful implementation.
  • The impact this will have and what changes will have to be implemented regarding IT administration.
  • The costs and also the risks regarding the adaptation of Cloud Computing.

For individuals and companies keen to learn more about the CompTIA Cloud Essentials course we offer at 10clicksahead, it is recommended that candidates have no less than six months’ exposure to the world of IT.