Are you bent on a career in IT, but not any career – one that specialises in digital imaging and enterprise contentment management? Our professionally-orchestrated IT courses will ensure that you not only qualify as a CompTIA CDIA expert, but will ensure your career reaches great heights due to an excellent foundation.

Four reasons why you should use 10clicksahead for your CompTIA CDIA+ qualification and training:

  • We offer professional training where and when you choose.
  • Our in-depth training offers excellent opportunities for those starting out, but is brilliant for training IT personnel and staff members to ensure their IT skills are kept up to speed at all times.
  • Our CompTIA CDIA+ training is vendor neutral.
  • Comp TIA CDIA+ certification is recognised by big brands such as Minolta, Kyocera, Canon as well as many other top players.

Once you are CompTIA CDIA+ certified you will be able to apply for: 

  • Managed services.
  • Service bureau manager positions.
  • ECM consultant jobs.
  • Seek a career as an ECM administrator.
  • Become a solution sales specialist, to name a couple of positions you are eligible for once qualified.

Knowledge gained through our specialised training, once CompTIA CDIA+ certified is equivalent to no fewer than twenty-four months in a similar position. Are you or your colleagues and staff members interested in attaining the CompTIA CDIA + certificate to improve your skills? Our professional IT courses will ensure you qualify at the highest level. Find out more today by contacting 10clicksahead for further information.

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