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Want to rank 1st. Good luck!

There’s always been a misconception, if you want to rank 1st in Google or any other search engine you need LOADS of cash. It’s bullshit. It’s bullshit cause in the last 7 years I’ve had over 2000 highly competitive terms ranking 1st on Google for some of the world’s most competitive SEO terms.

Those terms aren’t crappy 10 phrase terms, those terms include: “insurance (this is an external link to one of my clients), car insurance, online casino, racking, shelving, flowers, florists, seo company, home loans, personal loans, storage, self storage, competitions, dairy, milk and many many more…..”

The bottom line is, SEO is not a myth, it’s not a magical wand, it’s about the understanding of fundamental human & bot behaviour & how the two meet.

You want to learn SEO? You want SEO training & SEO courseware that will blow your socks off, you need 1 on 1 step by step courseware delivered by South Africa’s leading SEO GURU – Steven Green.

Our SEO Training Solution (p.s. this is an h2 tag)

If you are keen to make your way to the top of Search Engines you need to use SEO correctly for this to happen. At 10 Clicks Ahead we show you how to make your site a winner and how you can rise to the top of search engines.

Most SME’s that run a website today don’t have the wherewithal or insider knowledge to optimise their content and overall visibility online. For that reason alone you and your business will discover that our SEO training course which has been expertly created by us will soon teach you, your business and employees what SEO means and how to analyse and examine your site. This will soon result in your moving up the ranks on Search Engines.

What our expert SEO training courses have to offer our clients:

  • We present our training courses and programs where and when our clients wish to have them, which makes our training all about convenience and practicality.
  • Our team of experts will impart the king of knowledge gleaned from many years’ experience – in other words we are all about expertise and professionalism.

How SEO can make a difference to your business;

  • SEO is the process of analysing your website and adjusting it accordingly by incorporating AdWords that will help you to rank higher on search engines.
  • Our courses have been expertly created to ensure your site becomes more attuned.
  • We show you how to attract the kind of target audience through Search Engines to improve your overall rankings and visibility.

If you are looking to grow your skills and would like your product to create a “buzz” but are worried about time and money, our professional SEO training course at 10 Clicks Ahead has taken all these factors into consideration by offering SEO training courses that will not only increase your visibility but will take your business to the next level by showing how to apply SEO correctly. Even though SEO is a long-term commitment and a serious investment our step-by-step program has been designed specifically to guarantee you stay on course.