If you are keen to upskill your knowledge or need to learn more about Google Analytics – we are perfectly placed to train everyone from the tea lady right up to the higher echelons including the CEO how to effectively use and engage this tool to the greater good of your company.

But why would you choose 10Clicks Ahead for your Google Analytics Training Courses?

  • Convenience – we train you and your staff as and when you choose – whether this is in your boardroom, during or after office hours or any other venue of your choice – we tailor our courses to fit in with your venue and your schedule. In other words, we are all about convenience.
  • Professionalism – our professional team will ensure you are well-versed and know how to make use of this invaluable tool; furthermore you will be certified and qualified to apply for that IT job you’ve had your sights set on. Here you are looking at a professional team that will guide and assist you to ensure you are au-fait with all the “where’s” and “what’s” of Google Analytics.

But what is Google Analytics and what exactly does it do?

  • Google Analytics is a free web diagnostic tool that can contribute towards creating great sites.
  • By incorporating Google Analyticsyou will be able to increase your ROI when it matters most.
  • This is part of your bigger digital marketing training program

All those questions that you are dying to have answered are taken care of through Google Analytics:

  • When you need to find out where your consumers are originating from.
  • How to effectively engage with your consumers and how to ensure your marketing is more operational.
  • You need to investigate exactly when visitors are on your site and where it is that they lose interest – when they leave your site, therefore you will be able to analyse how to increase the navigation on and through your site.

By choosing our Google Analytics Training Courses at 10Clicks Ahead we will be able to show you how to do it just right by measuring your keywords and ad performance as well as help you make excellent decisions.