Why would you choose 10 Clicks Ahead for your AdWords training course? The reasons are simple, really. We offer a variety of professional courses run by digital marketing specialists in the latest and hottest up-to-the-minute information.

5 good reasons why you should choose 10 Clicks Ahead for your AdWords training:

  • We offer world-class professional training by trained digital experts.
  • We will ensure you are well-versed in the use of AdWords through our expert courses.
  • Our courses are held as and when our clients wish.

But why AdWords and what do they do to benefit you and your business?

  • AdWords is the brainchild of Google which is a user-friendly product for web advertisers.
  • Marketers need to work out how much they are prepared to pay for each click on their ad.
  • They also need to know where their ad will run.
  • Next advertisers will also need to gauge for how long the ad will run for.
  • These ads will show up on Google’s search engines, on websites and anywhere else on the web.
  • You have the choice of running single or multiple ads and choose to run numerous ad campaigns simultaneously.

We show you how to effectively engage with your customers by:

  • Running short campaigns and rewriting ads to engage a larger target audience by checking your AdWords and changing these regularly.
  • We show you how to detect if there is any click fraud on your account.

By selecting the Google AdWords Training and Programmes through 10 Clicks Ahead you will soon notice that your pages move to the upper echelons of Google. No doubt, we offer you South Africa’s innovative and hottest training courses.

Contact us at 10 Clicks Ahead for more information regarding our innovative Google AdWords Training Courses to ensure your pages move up the ranks of Google.