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So, my partner Sean Hackett and I (Steven Green) are super excited to be launching our new training company. We’ve been mates now for almost (i think it’s around 20 something years).

To give you some context, Sean’s dad(Alan) and my old man(Chris), were best mates in the army many moons ago, which is how I came to meet my new business partner.

Sean runs a very successful family, business and fitness life, which is something I love and admire about him. This is beginning of a new chapter…. THE 1st CLICK!

Why a training company?

Well this is twofold;

  • Sean was tired of looking for IT staff and finding none with the skills that they needed to slot right into his small but quickly growing IT services company.
  • I (Steven) am tired of trying to find junior to mid level digital marketing skills in South Africa. For 6 years I’ve been hiring interns just so I could get them the skills they needed to work in the digital marketing industry, only to loose them to bigger agencies after 2 years.

So we started 10 clicks training company as an attempt to fill both those gaps for ourselves. #SELFISHTOTHEMAX

Why 10 Clicks Ahead?

I take no responsibility for what my dad is doing with his hands.

I take no responsibility for what my dad is doing with his hands.

With most of our training and background having been in the IT industry and marketing industries, we thought the word “CLICK” would fit in nicely with the niche we’re trying to make for ourselves. We also then realized that people love certifications & people love recognition for training.

So the idea (not finalized yet) is to create an IT & Digital Marketing Certification called “10 clicks certified”. Stay tuned for more in this chapter and it’s only just begun and keep your eye out for the “10 Clicks Rewards” program.

What are we focusing on right now

As of today – 10 Clicks Ahead (PTY) Ltd is a registered company. We have our website up and running. We have our email addresses up and running and we’re busy putting together our 1st quote.

Our aim is to be the number 1 IT / DIGITAL / SOFT SKILLS training company in South Africa for companies.

So, stay tuned and share the love for #10clickstraining


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